Features of vestibular stability of young people with different level of motive activity

Автор: Doletskiy А., Sentyabrev N., Akhundova R., Nukhov S., Tkachenko А.

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Currently, one of the methods for integrated assessment of vestibular stability as a result of the work of the sensory systems of the body is stabilometry. The number of papers have noted the improvement in vertical stability (postural) under the influence of intense exercises in groups of highly qualified athletes. Furthermore, the comparative analysis of stabilometric indicators, depending on the mode of physical activity is absent. The assessment of the ability for an arbitrary correction of the vestibular function on the basis of biofeedback among individuals with varying degrees of physical fitness also remains little studied. The postural stability study in groups with different levels of motor activity has been conducted. At the three stages of the study the vestibular function in samples with open and closed eyes, as well as in the process of active correction of body position using biofeedback has been checked. It has been determined that the vestibular stability among individuals without physical activity is worse than that one among the subjects who have regular exercises at least 2 times a week...


Stabilometry, level of motor activity, vestibular apparatus, proprioceptive system

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