Features of training and control in the paradoxical stage of weightlifters’ training

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A new form of training for weightlifters - the paradoxical stage - is justified. Its structure, based on the newly discovered nonspecific adaptive reactions of the body - abnormal to the action of small and medium loads (relative to stressful), is also determined. The conditions under which the positive influence of specific training factors on the weightlifter's result is paradoxically lost and at the same time the negative influence of non-specific (previously insignificant) factors is formed are determined. The author's methods are presented: biomechanical control, based on the measurement of the kinematic parameters of the barbell movement by a non-contact method (using a laser); functional control using a functional pressory «weightlifter test», based on the registration of blood pressure reaction to breath retention and straining. The methods allow you to control the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the training load in response to paradoxical changes in their informative and energy tendency. The proposed system for controlling and training development in the structure of the paradoxical stage of preparation makes it possible to ensure a substantial increase of competitive result.


Weightlifters, stage of preparation, control, training load

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