Characteristics of strategies of behavior and factors of improvement of the state in the representatives of ethnic groups of Siberia with symptoms of depression

Автор: Bokhan T.G., Terekhina O.V., Shukhlova Yu. A., Nemtsev A.V., Galazhinskaya O.N., Tanabasova U.V., Kurgak D.I., Matveeva N.P., Badyrgy I.A.

Журнал: Сибирский вестник психиатрии и наркологии @svpin

Рубрика: Этнопсихиатрия

Статья в выпуске: 4 (93), 2016 года.

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In the paper problem of study of coping behavior during formation of depression within tasks of cultural psychopathology is objectified. By the way of example of the representatives of ethnic groups of Siberia with different severity of symptoms of depression the most likely strategies of behavior, types of respondents according to criterion of features of behavior in situation of low mood, system of factors most of all contributing to improvement of the state were revealed for every ethnic group, differentiated (with account for cultural context) targets and tasks of psychological assistance in the system of preventive and therapeutic activities were identified.


Depression, cultural psychopathology, coping behavior, factors improving state of depression, psychological prevention, psychological rehabilitation

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