Special aspects of radish selection and its seed breeding in Siberia

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Relevance An adaptive approach to the selection of vegetable plants highlights Siberian region for the distinctness of the general climate manifestations. The region is characterized by the general aridity of spring and the first half of summer combined with the sharp fluctuations of temperature during the growing season, a short frost-free period. And there is a positive aspect of the Siberian climate - the high level of solar insolation contributes to the intensification of photosynthesis and hastens all growth processes, reducing the need for the sum of biological temperatures, on average, by 200-300 degrees. Methods The developmental biology of radish in Siberian conditions has a number of characteristic features. Siberian radish cultivars have individual traits of the cropper development with the formation of plant ability of productive and generative time of germination in these conditions. During the period of breeding work in the region, 9 radish cultivars have been created and reproduced with various methods...


Siberian conditions, breeding methods, developmental biology, methods of seed breeding

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IDR: 140240730   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2019-4-25-28

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