Calculation of foundations for the group II limit states and its features

Автор: Badanin Аndrey Nikolayevich, Nurumbayeva Lunara Maksotovna

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The problems of the amendments made in the updated edition of SNIP 2.02.01-83 * "Foundations ofbuildings and structures" and SP 22.13330.2011 "Foundations of buildings and structures” are discussed in this article.In accordance with the newly adopted legal framework, restrictions, which were not theoretically justified anywhere, are accepted for all types of constructions. Therefore the identification of reasons of the amendments made is an actual problem. It is necessary to determine the decrease in reliability and increase in strain.Finding a theoretical solution of the justification of core depth and deriving practical recommendations for its determination are essential as well.


Depth of the active zone, strata, geomechanics, soil mechanics, the calculation of precipitation

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