Special aspects of organizing ground developmental tests of high-power nuclear power generation units for space applications

Автор: Andrianov Dmitry Igorevich, Zakharenkov Leonid Eduardovich, Karevskiy Andrey Vladimirovich, Kiryushin Evgeny Nikolaevich, Oshev Yury Arkadyevich, Popov Alexander Vladimirovich, Popov Sergey Alexandrovich, Semenkin Alexander Veniaminovich, Solodukhin Alexander Evgenyevich, Terekhov Dmitry Nikolayevich, Shtonda Sergey Yuryevich

Журнал: Космическая техника и технологии @ktt-energia

Рубрика: Наземные комплексы, стартовое оборудование, эксплуатация летательных аппаратов

Статья в выпуске: 2 (21), 2018 года.

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Expanding space exploration in near-Earth space and deep space call for a higher level of power-generation and propulsion capabilities. Spacecraft with powerful nuclear power generating units and electrical propulsion systems are being considered for transportation operations. One of the problems that need to be solved on the way toward development of such power generation and propulsion systems is the conduct of the ground developmental tests. The paper discusses an approach to organizing ground developmental tests of high-power nuclear power-generation and propulsion system taking as an example the results of the international project DEMOCRITOS. Identified within the framework of this project were several concepts of demonstrators intended for developmental testing of the necessary technologies. One of such concepts is a ground demonstrator which includes a thermal-to-electrical power conversion loop, a radiator, electric power transformation system and electric propulsion engines. The paper provides a list and a design configuration of a testing facility for conducting nuclear-free ground developmental tests on the components of the nuclear power-generation and propulsion system.


Nuclear power-generating and propulsion system, reactor system, electric power conversion system, electrical propulsion system, ground developmental testing, ground demonstrator, power conversion system, heat-removal system, refrigerator-radiator


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