Features of the low-temperature heat treatment of meat products in a combi steamer with the imposition of ultrasonic vibrations

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In the process of low-temperature heat treatment of meat semi-finished products (not higher than 85 °C) it is possible to get a fairly delicate product and keep more juices in it, which give them their unique taste. But at the same time the total processing time reaches several hours, which provides a softening effect on the collagen muscles. Processing of culinary products in this mode, even in a combi steamer, leads to increased loss of weight of finished products, especially when it baked. The paper presents a technical solution to the problem of intensification of low-temperature heat treatment in a combi steamer using the ultrasound. High adaptability to existing technologies, ease of control of the processing process and special physical effects allow using ultrasound of varying intensity and frequency. Ultrasound technologies allow you to highly intensify the technological process and improve the quality of finished products. Based on the Angelo Po’s combi steamer (Italy) a universal thermal device was created, including meat semi-finished products baking with intensification of heat exchange processes and preparation in the ultrasound field. This technology not used previously and allows speeding up the process of obtaining finished products by approximately 29–30%, and reducing losses in energy costs by 8–11%. The research is conducted with the purpose of scientific and economic justification of the process and modernization of equipment for accelerated production of high-quality meat products when processing them in a combi steamer.


Ultrasonic emmiter, intensification, loss reduction, increase of juiciness, combi steamer

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IDR: 140229878   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-3-35-41

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