Features of formation of schoolchildren’s pose during their work with tablet and laptop

Автор: Yatskovskaya Natalia, Dzhurinskaia S., Shkarban E.

Журнал: Вопросы школьной и университетской медицины и здоровья @school-shealth

Статья в выпуске: 3, 2014 года.

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Implementation tablets, laptops and notebooks in schools requires a research with certain peculiarities of formation of working posture of schoolchildren. In terms of natural hygiene experiment performed goniometric measurements with key figures working posture in 133 students. The results were processed by the methods of variation statistics, variance and correlation analysis. It is proved that between indicators of working posture there is a direct and inverse significant (p≤0,01) correlation. The first time that a high degree of correlation indicators have an inclination angle of the head and thoracic angle of the torso. The degree and frequency correlation of these indicators are essential for indicators such as the line of sight angle, the angle of the elbow joint, the distance from the eye to the screen. On the basis of goniometric measurements was established the significance and correlation between basic indicators of pupils working posture, and the contribution of individual elements in the formation of posture in general.


Schoolchildren, working posture, tablet, laptop

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