Features of formation and functioning of flows of elderly tourists in aspect of marketing and service logistics

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The article discusses the features of formation and functioning flows of elderly tourists from the point of view of marketing (demand for tourism and its offer for the elderly are estimated), and service logistics, defining the flow control this category of citizens. The relationship between marketing and logistics service is shown. The author substantiates the expediency of selecting the classification categories of tourism for the elderly, which correlates with increasing interest in the recreation of this category of citizens. The author carries out the comparison of the differences in the organization of tours for working elderly and retirees, determining their duration, the cost of tours and transport. The article defines the specificity of flows of tourists-retirees and their requirements, with that the attention is focused on creating a comfortable environment and security. The author highlights educational, medical and pilgrimage tourism as the main types of tourism for the elderly. The specific directions of nostalgic tourism are proposed. In the context of social tourism pole tourism is highlighted, combining rest of children and the elderly. The author proves that the ratio of products and services in various types of tourism, including intended for the elderly differs. The specificity of services (targets, basic, additional, related) composing the tourism product for the el- derly is characterized. The necessity for creating a wide range of infra- structure services for the elderly tourists is shown. The city-links that are on the way of the tourist routes provide the best conditions for consumption such services. The attention is focused on the differences in offers and demand of tourism products for elderly people in the Russian regions. The factors that affect the tourist flows of elderly people at the state level and in the region are revealed.


Service logistics, marketing, tourism classification, tourism for the elderly, tourists flows, working retirees, targets and infrastructure services, tourism product, city-links

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IDR: 140208482   |   DOI: 10.22412/1995-042X-10-9-11

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