Features of dynamics of a stroke kinematic structure of qualified swimmers at the stage of sports improvement

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At present, quite a large number of studies are devoted to the issues of swimming technology. Most of them consider improvement problems of the technical preparedness of athletes in the aspect of optimization of the structure of stroke movements, as well as the role of hydrodynamic components (frontal, wave resistance, cavitation, etc.). However, among specialists engaged in sports training of elite swimmers, there is still no consensus on accents in the correction of swimming techniques, indention of significant kinematic characteristics of a stroke, determination of sequence of means used to improve swimming techniques. The aim is to reveal the dynamics of the kinematic characteristics of the swimming technique of qualified athletes at the stage of sports improvement. 18 athletes underwent longitudinal observation and detailed analysis of swimming techniques - Russian Masters of Sports in swimming. The main research method was a computer video analysis of swimmer's movements...


Highly qualified swimmers, stage of sports development, computer video analysis, macrocycle, kinematics of movements, technical training

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