The main directions of industrial policy development in modern conditions

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The article is devoted to the problems of industrial policy development, which can be considered both at the macro and microeconomic level. In this connection, various industrial policies that are interested in improving economic interaction are singled out by the subject. The main aspirations of the industrial policy development are the justification of its membership in terms of the effectiveness of their interaction, as well as the identification of directions for the development of industrial policy for its subjects. Domestic industry is in an extremely unstable state, the development of any program documentation, strategic and tactical plans that determine the parameters of industrial policy, should be clearly proactive, and the development of industrial enterprises should be in accordance with the principles of preventive management and using appropriate proactive tools. The decisions made by the subjects of the formation of industrial policy are influenced by preferences, changes in market conditions, actions of other entities and other factors. Each decision is a problem of choice and a subsequent assessment of their expectations. The development of strategic directions at the state level is impossible without a balance of regional and sectoral strategies, large interregional projects, territorial planning programs in municipalities. Industrial policy is an important part of the national policy aimed at reducing the technical and technological backlog of our country, the achievement of indicators of socio-economic growth and development of reference values, the achievement of key macroeconomic indicators of the planned values, the creation of conditions for the effective operation of industrial enterprises engaged in creative activities aimed at providing the population with quality products, environmental protection, energy savinge.


Industrial policy, economic interaction of subjects of industrial policy, macro- and microeconomic level, the criteria for the development of industrial policy

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IDR: 140229876   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-3-319-324

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