Principal results of works at Kozmodem’yanskiy-3 excavation trench in Novgorod the Great in 2015

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In 2015-2016 the Novgorod archaeological expedition of the Institute of Archaeology, RAS carried out investigations at Kozmodem’yanskiy-3 excavation trench in the historical centre of Novgorod the Great. The excavated area totals over 1000 sq. m. Within the area of 174 sq. m. the cultural deposit was investigated entirely reaching virgin soil, while within the rest of the area the works have reached the layers of mid 14th century. The article presents new data on the historical topography of the Nerevskiy End of medieval Novgorod. New materials have been obtained, which are of importance for the understanding of dynamics of development of Novgorod in different historic periods, as well as shaping more clear ideas on the construction techniques, trade relations, material and spiritual culture.


Novgorod the great, nerevskiy end, medieval topography, material culture, dirhams, denarii, nomisma stamena, attached seals, birch-bark charters

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