Grounds for formation of managers’ religious tolerance

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Introduction. Chief officers are to understand the social essence of religion, its structure, forms of organization, functions of religion in the society, main religious conceptions. The objective was to establish the grounds for forming managers’ religious tolerance. Materials and Methods. The following methods were employed: analysis of social-psychological philosophical literature which explains theoretical grounds for forming managers’ religious tolerance, methods of analogies, formal and dialectical logics, comparative method. Results and Discussion. The author specifies the notion and essence of tolerance in modern science; considers the issues of forming managers’ tolerance as an interdisciplinary area of their professional training within the study of confessional relations. Conclusions. In traditional confessions nonviolence as an ethical conception and social practice of refusing to use force and violence to solve social problems are the basis for building managers’ tolerant outlook.


Tolerance, moral principle of tolerance, tolerance in sociology, ethics and aesthetics, social psychology and psychology, problems of violence and nonviolence in different religious conceptions as prerequisites of forming managers' tolerance


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IDR: 149124798   |   DOI: 10.24411/1999-6241-2020-13003

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