Organization of cash flow management in an agro holding company

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The article reveals the system of relationships within an integrated formation of a holding type in the management of the flow of financial resources. The functions of a single structural unit - the financial and economic department, which provides flexibility of financial resources of agricultural holdings, their concentration on the most important areas and a balanced development of the entire association are analyzed. Principles of price formation and financial policy of an integrated structure of holding type are defined. The algorithm of optimization and normalization of financial flows in the holding company is formed, is based on the consolidation of normative needs in the resources by means of their elimination. The mechanism of concentration and optimization of own and borrowed funds providing the process of financing of all holding companies on the basis on their needs is presented. An important role in the effective management of the movement of financial resources the authors assign to operational and routine control of their intended use in the financial and economic center as well as in the areas of the costs creation...


Agricultural holding, mechanism of intra-financial relations, financial infrastructure of an agro holding, cash flows, financial control, optimization and minimization of expenses of the holding, consolidation of the statement of cash flows, financial policy of the integrated formation of a holding type


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