The optimal choice of electronic document management systems to the committee on the management of municipal property of the Jewish autonomous region

Автор: Filonova Natalia Aleksandrovna, Bazhenov Ruslan Ivanovich

Журнал: @nauka-rastudent

Рубрика: Автоматика. Вычислительная техника

Статья в выпуске: 11 (11), 2014 года.

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In the given article the process of a choice of Electronic Document Management Systems is described. For a system choice the software products presented in the Russian market have been analyzed. On the basis of the analysis the criterions for comparison were allocated: the price, the possibility of introduction of paperless technologies, the possibility of a collective work on the project, setting, and simplicity in use.

Electronic document management systems, introduction, document management, documents, automation, edms

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