Determination of thermophysical properties of fermented wheat raw materials in the study of processes of heatand mass transfer

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The article presents the results of a study of thermophysical properties of fermented wheat raw materials used are described in this experimental method, explained the behavior of graphic curves under different external conditions, given the opportunity to use the results. Possibilities of application of physical characteristics in the design of various designs dryers. Introduced the concept of the fermented wheat feedstock described the appearance of the product and the conditions for its receipt, showing the influence of temperature and moisture on the investigational product. Shows the design of the stand to determine the thermal characteristics of the fermented wheat raw materials using the method of transient thermal regime and describes how it works. Introduced empirical regression equation adequately describe thermal characteristics. Depending on the results of the study are the coefficients of thermal conductivity, specific heat, thermal diffusivity on the moisture content and temperature. The linear dependence shows that with increasing temperature and moisture content of the physical characteristics increase.


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