On the exact solutions to conformable equal width wave equation by improved Bernoulli sub-equation function method

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In this paper, we consider conformable equal width wave (EW) equation in order to construct its exact solutions. This equation plays an important role in physics and gives an interesting model to define change waves with weak nonlinearity. The aim of this paper is to present new exact solutions to conformable EW equation. For this purpose, we use an effective method called Improved Bernoulli Sub-Equation Function Method (IBSEFM). Based on the values of the solutions, the 2D and 3D graphs and contour surfaces are plotted with the aid of mathematics software. The obtained results confirm that IBSEFM is a powerful mathematical tool to solve nonlinear conformable partial equations arising in mathematical physics.


Improved bernoulli sub-equation function method, conformable equalwidth wave equation, wave transformation

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IDR: 147235282   |   DOI: 10.14529/mmph210301

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