Assessment of sorption properties of sorbent based on silicon dioxide

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Effective sorbents are used to address the issues of improving food safety. The economic feasibility of cleaning increases when using food production wastes as sorbents. With the help of modern methods were studied the composition and properties of the sorbent ADC obtained from rice husk. Sorbent is a type of pyrogenic silica. With the help of modern methods for assessing the quality of substances, the chemical composition and morphological features of the surface of the sorbent were studied. In addition, the static exchange capacity for various pollutants was investigated. It is established that the ADC well detains inorganic compounds, which included iron, manganese and aluminum. Desorption of chemical compounds from the used sorbent does not have a significant effect on the content of heavy metals in water. This indicates the strength of sorption bonds. To establish the nature of the moisture in the sorbent with the determination of temperature intervals at which dehydration occurs, a simultaneous thermal analysis was carried out, which allowed determining the temperature zones that correspond to moisture removal, moisture removal with different binding energy, and predict the mode parameters of the moisture removal process and select the most effective way to remove them...


Sorbent, silicon dioxide, heavy metals, moisture, thermal analysis

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IDR: 140244348   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-1-269-275

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