Assessing the risk of developing the metabolic syndrome as a predictor of cardiovascular pathologies in oil-extracting company workers

Автор: Baydina A.S., Alexeyev V.B., Nosov A.Ye., Shirinkina Ye.A.

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Статья в выпуске: 4 (4), 2013 года.

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The findings of an assessment of the risk of developing the metabolic syndrome in oil-extracting company workers showed that occupational exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons should be considered as a risk factor of cardiovascular pathologies. The incidence of the metabolic syndrome and arterial hypertension in the workers exposed to aromatic hydrocarbons was found to increase by 16% and 13.9%, respectively. In the occupational groups, exposed to aromatic hydrocarbons, individual components of the metabolic syndrome, i.e. hyperuricemia (EF 52.33%) and hyperleptinemia (EF 33.02%), and the metabolic syndrome in general (EF 36.75%) are occupationally induced. The etiological contribution of benzene and toluene to the development of the metabolic syndrome amounted to 4.62%.


Aromatic hydrocarbons, metabolic syndrome, arterial hypertension, hyperuricemia, hyperleptinemia, oil-extracting company

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