Quality evaluation of bakery products with application of statistical methods of analysis

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In this work the role of professional standards, the system of requirements of production to structure of working professions and to their competences, problems of ensuring production by skilled workers with shots is considered. Special attention is paid to a way of definition of the major factors influencing change of indicators of quality of a ready-made product and also definition of ways of optimization of these indicators of quality. In article it is also described problems of formation of a complete system of ensuring sustainable social and economic development. Creation of constructive mechanisms of interaction of the sphere of work and the education increasing efficiency and reducing expenses. The professional standards establishing the requirements to knowledge, abilities defining necessary competences for performance of a certain work or professional duties are studied are considered as one of tools allowing to create steady and effective interaction of the sphere of work and education, to provide rational use of human resources now...


Professional standard, skilled workforce

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IDR: 140244380   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-1-464-469

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