Evaluation of the efficiency of integrable structures

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At the present stage of development of the economic system of Russia one of the most demanded tasks is to increase the efficiency of integrated structures. This phenomenon, studied by various scientists, presupposes the consolidation of the status of the basic element of the economy. But is it possible? Analysis of global integration processes shows the following: more than 60% of similar processes are ineffective – there is no return on investment. Proceeding from this the authors formulate the main signs of the inefficiency of the integrated structures: speculative motives, lack of complexity of processes, insufficient study of the composition of participants in associations and etc. The article reflects the complete absence in Russian practice of support for subsidiaries in the process of creating relationships with the main areas, there is only strict control on the part of management companies. For developing integrable structures it is necessary to determine the appropriateness of their formation. But before that it is necessary to analyze the main reasons for the inefficiency of the integrated structures in Russia. These include: low competence of the authorities, lack of processes for preliminary assessment of the cost and the results obtained, deficiencies in the analysis of the enterprise, insufficient preliminary assessment of transaction costs. Unfortunately, in the considered integrable structures, the reflected moments take place. According to the authors the main goal of the formation of integrable structures is the correlated use of various assets as well as financial resources of enterprises for growth from competitiveness, the development of new types of products, the conjugation of technological, scientific and cooperative relationships as well as attracting investments. Thus, the key reason for the ineffectiveness of the functioning of the integrated structures is an insufficiently high professional level of management not only of the creation process, but also of the functioning process, since in Russia there can be observed leadership by incompetent managers neither in the field of management nor in the development and manufacture of products.


Integrated structures, management company, subsidiary, competitive advantages, operational efficiency, integration

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IDR: 140259895   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-296-300

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