Estimation of efficiency of formation of integrated formations on the basis of economic-mathematical model

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Scientific experience and practice have determined that an important aspect of optimizing the process of reorganization of enterprises in the structural integrated education is a well-developed and well-built methodological approach that allows to take into account the complexity of the functioning of the previously established structure. Thus, various statistical and economic-mathematical methods used to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of economic activity or its individual parties were considered, which allowed, based on the "Pattern" method, in which the basis of standardized values of characteristics are not average, but the best of the indicators, to develop an economic and mathematical model for assessing the effectiveness of the formation of integrated structures. Arguing for the conclusion about the composition of indicators used in assessing the efficiency of the production structure when joining the network, it should be based on several key indicators instead of a set of non-essential ones, which should: reflect the key success factors taking into account the trends of the past, present and future; characterize the balance of interests and reflect the needs of customers, shareholders and staff of the company; take into account all levels of the organization and be consistent...


Economic and mathematical model, formation of formations, integration, enterprises of grain processing industry

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IDR: 140238592   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-375-381

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