Assessment of functional status in patients with different etiopathogenetic variants of stage III coxarthrosis

Автор: Chegurov O.K., Kolesnikov S.V., Kolesnikova E.S., Skripnikov A.A.

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Purpose. To compare the functional status in patients with different etiopathogenetic variants of Stage III coxarthrosis using various rating scales, questionnaires, and tests. Materials and Methods. The results of testing 48 patients at the age of 20-79 years with Stage III coxarthrosis analyzed in order to determine their functional status. The disease primary form identified in 19 patients, dysplastic one – in 14, and secondary form – in 15. Testing performed using Visual Analogue Scale, Leken’s algo-functional index, McGill Pain Questionnaire modified by V.V. Kuz’menko, Harris test, WOMAC questionnaire. Results. Less marked pain and stiffness of movements established to be experienced by persons with secondary coxarthrosis. Female patients determine pain severity higher than male ones. The emotional component dominates for the pain syndrome in women. While, as for “stiffness sensation” criterion, no substantial differences between the two categories of patients observed. Moreover, the distinctions in the manifestation degree of functional disorders depending on gender and the disease duration not revealed. The maximum level of functional disorders observed for the disease primary form, as well as in patients above 50 years old. Conclusion. The assessment complex applied may be recommended for use in orthopaedic clinics to make additional diagnostics of the functional status in patients with different variants of Stage III coxarthrosis. This complex allows analyzing some parameters impracticable to be studied by other clinical techniques, and that is important in the assessment of the performed treatment effectiveness.


Опросник womac, coxarthrosis, functional disorders, assessment, visual analogue scale, leken index, harris test, womac questionnaire, mcgill questionnaire

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