On epidemiologic risks, their categories and predictors in sanitary-epidemiologic (biological) emergency situations

Автор: Udovichenko S.K., Toporkov V.P.

Журнал: Анализ риска здоровью @journal-fcrisk

Рубрика: Анализ риска здоровью в эпидемиологии

Статья в выпуске: 1 (29), 2020 года.

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Nowadays sanitary-epidemiologic (biological) emergency situations can be overlooked, especially at an initial stage in epidemiologic risks realization and the consequent development of epidemic process. A clear example here is how Ebola epidemics started in the Western Africa (2013-2016). Our research goal was to obtain actual data on any existing crucial combinations of epidemiologic risk categories and predictors as emergency situations precursors. Our basic research procedure was a complex epidemiologic one. Our work was based on analyzing official data provided by the World Health Organization, WHO Regional Office for Africa, as well as taken from multiple research works and monographs. We analyzed two epidemics caused by infectious agents belonging to the 1st pathogenicity group, Ebola epidemics in the Western Africa (2013-2016) and pneumonic plague epidemic in Madagascar (2017). Both those epidemics were characterized with such potential emergency situations properties fixed in the International Health Regulations (2005) as unexpectedness, unusualness, and gravity...


Sanitary-epidemiological (biological) emergency situation, epidemiologic risk, epidemiologic risk categories, predictors, epidemic process, international health regulations (2005), ebola virus disease epidemic in west africa (2013-2016), pneumonic plague epidemic on madagascar (2017), prevention and control of emergency situations


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IDR: 142224421   |   DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2020.1.09

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