About the forms of universal study actions and them realization under general education school conditions

Автор: Dzhioeva Aina Rufinovna

Журнал: Nauka-Rastudent.ru @nauka-rastudent

Рубрика: Народное образование. Педагогика

Статья в выпуске: 2 (26), 2016 года.

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The article represents the personal, regulative, cognitive, communicative blocs of universal study actions and characterizes forms of these actions within each block. Their realization in the pedagogic process of a general educational establishment is illustrated by means of analysis of а narrative text. It is concluded that forming universal study actions are of great significance in the process of students’ high moral qualities development.

Universal study actions, cognitive activity, general educational establishment, personal actions, general study actions, communicative actions, logic actions

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