On the subject of social psychology

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Introduction. The significance of developing social psychological theory is determined by the important perspectives of its further practical usage in different spheres of social relations. Materials, Results and Discussion. The paper reveals the main stages of social psychology development and considers various theoretical approaches to understanding of its subject. Effective practical application of social psychology is determined by the professional level of its conceptual and instrumental apparatus, degree of the development of its most crucial theoretical problems. Conclusions. Social psychology aids in increasing the level of specialists’ conflictological and anti-crisis negotiating competence to prevent mass excesses and terrorist acts. Social psychological theory makes it possible to view the nature of modernization of society in a new way and reveal its potentialities.


Social psychological phenomena, social constructionism, cultural historical psychology, norm, deformation

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IDR: 149125083   |   DOI: 10.24411/1999-6241-2020-13005

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