About approach to substantiation of the rational nomenclature’s reference base of measuring complexes on the basis of indistinct models

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In this article are presented the results of researches of application methods features of integer multicriteria optimization at justification of the rational nomenclature of reference base of measuring complexes with use of indistinct basic data about the modes and conditions of carrying out checking (certification), namely, the features of alternatives ranging taking into account the possible options of various types of the estimates combination presented in the determined, stochastic, or indistinct forms. The main attention is paid to the development of specifying provisions concerning the application of ranging method on the maximum removal with use of the basic data formalized in an indistinct look allowing to exclude the assumptions obligatory in the case of application traditional of ranging methods of not dominated alternatives that private indicators of alternatives estimation are independent as far as aren’t equivalent, so and are incommensurable on importance, about additivity of private indicators, about an invariance of performance of the principle of transitivity when ranging alternatives. It is shown that the use of device of the theory of indistinct sets significantly supplements methodology of the solution of integer multicriteria optimization problems.


Measuring complexes, indistinct models, ranging methods, definition of accessory functions, indicators of alternatives estimation, methods of integer multicriteria optimization

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