About some features of the simplified production in arbitration process

Автор: Kurbanov Deni Abasovich, Аrutyunyan Marina Samvelovna

Журнал: Евразийская адвокатура @eurasian-advocacy

Рубрика: Актуальные проблемы адвокатской практики

Статья в выпуске: 4 (35), 2018 года.

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Purpose: On the basis of a comprehensive comparative legal research to reveal the fea-tures of simplified proceedings in the arbitration process, to determine the validity of the legislative establishment of this procedure, to identify its positive and negative features. Methodology: Comparative legal, formal legal and system-structural methods were used. Results: Conclusions and generalizations of the authors are the basis for further study of the features of simplified proceedings in the arbitration process, to improve the legal regulation of this type of proceedings. Novelty/originality/value: The article has a scientific value. The proposals can be positively evaluated in the light of further improvement of the legal regulation of arbitration proceedings.


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