A new burial complex of the scythian period at the fortified settlement of Semiluki

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In the fortified settlement in the town of semiluki (Voronezh region) in the upper reaches of the Don the fifteenth burial complex dating from the late 4 th - early 3 rd century was discovered in 2014. In a round pit with niches a man aged 45-50 and three children aged between 3 and 10 had been buried. The dead were deposited in contracted position. The burials contained broken hand-made vessels and animal bones. In the pit, which had disturbed the infill of the grave a skull of a five-year-old child was found among animal bones. The data obtained confirm the interpretation of the burials discovered at the fortified settlement as part of a burial-ground characterized by definite ritual features of specific character, when considered within the context of funerary antiquities of the given period.


Scythian era, fortified settlement, burial, forest-steppe zone, the don valley

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