New and old names on ceramic stamps of Tauric Chersoneses and Sinope

Автор: Vnukov S. Yu., Jefremov N.V.

Журнал: Краткие сообщения Института археологии @ksia-iaran

Рубрика: Железный век

Статья в выпуске: 249-1, 2017 года.

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The paper publishes a selection of amphora stamps discovered duringexcavations at Kara-Tobe, which is a settlement of the Classical period in the NorthwestCrimea. The stamps carry names of two previously unknown Chersoneses astynomoi;the selection has a number of Sinope amphora producers stamps with the names identifiedin this center of ceramic epigraphy for the first time. The reading of the stamps, theirreconstruction, interpretation and dating are provided.

Ceramic epigraphy, amphora stamps, kara-tobe, chronological group, chersoneses, sinope, astynomos, amphora producers, forename

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