German: an important means of scientific communication in the global community

Автор: Melikhova Irina N., Yakusheva Oksana V.

Журнал: Теоретическая и прикладная лингвистика @lingua-amursu

Статья в выпуске: 1 т.6, 2020 года.

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This article discusses the international language of scientific communication. Nowadays the English language dominance in the world of science is undeniable. The exclusion of national languages from scientific communication is alarming among linguists and scientists. Under these conditions it is necessary to comprehend perspectives for the development of a scientific language community. The purpose of the article is to determine the place and the role of the German language as a language of science. The main research method is the analysis of the literature on this issue and the consideration of various points of view of scientists, linguists. The review of historical events during which the German language has been formed and developed as a language of scientific communication is made. The review shows that the dominance of any language in science is a non-constant phenomenon and depends on socio-economic and political conditions. The dominating role of the English language today is attributed to the credibility of scientific publications in English. It provides an overall linguistic environment for a wide range of scientists. However, there is a need to preserve multilingualism in the scientific community as it stimulates new ideas, clear way of thinking and cultural diversity. The fact that Germany invests heavily is science, has large reputable research and development establishments and is very popular among foreign students, enables the German language to be the one among others used in international scientific communication. The results of this research can be used to create programs for the integration of the German language into the international fields of scientific and educational activities, for its popularization and development as an international language of science.


Science, language of science, german language, english language, publication activity, multilingualism

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IDR: 147217601   |   DOI: 10.22250/2410-7190_2020_6_1_125_136

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