Some observations about the current role of scientists and engineers in construction

Автор: Lomb Joseph, Orlovich Romuald Boleslavovich

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Статья в выпуске: 3 (30), 2015 года.

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Contemporary realities dictate engineers and scientists need to go beyond their specialized knowledge and the acquisition of interdisciplinary thinking. Instead of asking «how to make/calculate the object», you must ask the question «how to create the object», and then base as a purely technical solutions and rational solutions for the integration of its creation in the existing «cultural landscape», as well as the study of solutions for its adaptation in the last transformation in the future. Technocrat yesterday - is a man versed in the technique, now - is a public figure with a broad outlook.

Scientific and engineering activity, the role of contemporary engineer and scientist, philosophical aspects of the development of new technologies, interdisciplinary thinking, the problems of contemporaryconstruction design

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