Positing system of the autonomous underwater robot and features of its use in arctic conditions

Автор: Vaulin Yu.V., Inzartsev A.V., Kamorny A.V., Kiseljev L.V., Matvienko Yu.V., Rylov N.I., Rylov R.N.

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Статья в выпуске: 1 (5), 2008 года.

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The work examines the experience in developing and applying the integrated positioning system of the autonomous underwater robot performing the preset program missions in a severe and extreme environment. It discusses the structure, characteristics and methods for correcting positioning data obtained from the onboard autonomous, acoustic and satellite systems. The paper also outlines the data from the full-scale sea tests of the navigation system as part of the underwater robot "Klavesin-lP" and results of its trial performance during under-ice operations of the Lomonosov range survey in the high latitudes of the Arctic.

Underwater robots, onboard autonomous and acoustic systems, under-ice research, arctic

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