Scientific substantiation of the multi-criteria approach system to intrafirm strategic planning of equity capital on the industrial enterprises

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The article provides an overview of existing approaches to strategic planning in industrial enterprises, reveals the degree of development of the problem of internal planning. The authors of the article propose a multi-criteria approach to internal strategic planning of equity capital, as this approach takes into account the characteristics of each enterprise. The article describes the main criteria of planning and presents a system of planned indicators, which is used to prepare and justify management decisions, as well as the plan objectives are linked to resources and efficiency of their use. Based on the study of scientific works of Russian and foreign scientists, it is found that a multi-criteria approach to internal strategic planning of the industrial enterprise's own capital is the most relevant in the conditions of the introduction of the digital economy in the activities of large companies. Special attention in the scientific article is given to problems justify the selection of approaches to intra-firm strategic planning, private capital and industrial companies...


Intrafirm planning, equity capital, industrial enterprises, planning criteria, planning indicators

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IDR: 140238600   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-431-441

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