Scientific justification of selection of varieties of red currant in formation of jelly quality

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The existing variety and the creation of new varieties of red currant requires obtaining and systematizing a database on technical, technological properties, chemical composition of berries in order to create a scientific unified approach that allows to form criteria for the selection of raw materials for the production of functional food products with specified characteristics. Red currant has high nutritional properties and antioxidant activity of its constituent chemical components. The value of red currants for the production of products with a jelly-like structure is determined by the content of highly esterified pectin substances and calcium in its fruits, which makes it possible to obtain high-strength sols. Objects and methods of research: red currant berries of selected varieties and jelly based on them. Results and its discussion. The scientific justification for the selection of varieties of red currant berries in the development of the quality of jelly products is based on the identification and systematization of data on the technical and technological properties, chemical composition, structural and mechanical indicators of prototypes, the subsequent determination of correlations between significant criteria and obtaining regularities in the formation of valuable characteristics of the target product. Based on the information received, a decision is made and a conclusion is made about the technological suitability of varieties for the preparation of jelly products or the refusal of raw materials. Evaluation criteria are developed for obtaining high quality products, the most valuable varieties are selected, recommendations are given for the further use of these varieties of berries as functional ingredients in the production of jelly products with predictable properties. Identification of evaluation criteria for the selection of berries of currant varieties allows us to establish patterns in the formation of the quality of jelly products with specified properties


Red currant, pectin, calcium, esterification, jelly, correlation, selection of varieties

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IDR: 140259874   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-141-150

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