Scientific outlook and school of professor Alexey Troyanov - an innovative surgeon, an outstanding clinician (to the 170th anniversary of his birth)

Автор: Morgoshiia T. Sh., Markin S. M.

Журнал: Московский хирургический журнал @mossj

Рубрика: История медицины

Статья в выпуске: 2 (76), 2021 года.

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The paper analyzes the main milestones in the life and work of Professor A.A. Troyanov. Little-known facts from the life of the scientist are given. It is noted that in 1882 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: «On the influence of extensive body burns on the animal body», which brought A.A. Troyanov wide fame. In 1883-1886, he was an assistant in the surgical clinic of Professor S.P. Kolomnin at the VMA. It is emphasized that in 1886, at the invitation of S.P. Botkin, he headed the surgical Department of the largest Obukhov hospital in St. Petersburg, which he permanently managed until 1905. The author analyzes the fact that the main scientific works of A.A. Troyanov are devoted to the problems of surgery. It is noted that in 1890, he proposed an operative method for treating varicose veins of the lower extremities - ligation and resection of a section of the large saphenous vein at its mouth (Troyanov- Trendelenburg method); described the symptom of venous valve insufficiency, defended the idea of the feasibility and safety of ligating large veins in their wounds; also, he was the first in Russia to perform cholecystectomy for acute perforation of the gallbladder (1896); described the original method of opening the subdiaphragmal space through a pre-isolated costal-diaphragmatic sinus (Troyanov's method); proposed a method of cystectomy. It is shown that they were offered operations for the inversion of the sigmoid colon (operation Troyanov-Vinivarter) and two-moiety resection of the sigmoid colon (operation Troyanov-Vinivarter-Grekov); an original needle holder was developed. A.A. Troyanov founded the brilliant St. Petersburg surgical school, whose prominent representatives were I.I. Grekov, A.A. Kadyan, B.N. Holtsov, and others.


Troyanova method, method of cystectomy, the operation troyanov-winiwarter, the operation troyanov-winiwarter-grekova, needle troyanova

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IDR: 142229628   |   DOI: 10.17238/issn2072-3180.2021.2.108-112

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