Scientific and practical basis for the development of new products for school feeding

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The article discusses and analyzes the issues of school nutrition in order to improve its quality in educational institutions on the basis of modern technology of new products increased nutritional value. Balanced diet - an important factor in the prevention of nutrition-related diseases pupils, promote healthy and high efficiency. For school meals is important to respect the recommended norms physiological needs of the organism in nutrients and energy. However, the existing system of school meals should be based on developed and recognized scientific basis and the requirements of the science of nutrition. The results of research the possibility of using dry dairy products as ingredients of protein bars, for school meals based on the determination of the thermodynamic characteristics by differential scanning microcalorimetry. Scientifically based and developed a thermodynamic approach to the process of production of protein bars for assessing the degree of change in the thermodynamic characteristics of prescription components. Found that the structure of the protein, the amount of bound moisture play a key role in shaping and changing the rheological properties of protein bars using whey protein, causing the quality of finished products.


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