Nano-technologies in construction: new potentialities for the market

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The round table «Nano-technologies in construction: new potentialities for the market» was held in the «Krokus Expo» centre (Moscow) in 2009, March, 12. The event was arranged by the «RCNT» State Company. A wide range of questions were discussed: the problems and the prospects of development of the construction industry in Russia; the developments in the field of nanotechnologies in construction; the use of nano-modified additives; the use of new foam glass materials based on the nano-structures of modified raw materials; the use of nano-modified dry plasters and mortars as well as liquid composites; the creation of an automated workshop for the production of buildings from the non-autoclave water-repellent foam concrete; the use of nano-technologies in the process of production of new fire-resistant and heat-protective materials as well as the high-strength structures.


Nano-technologies, construction, commercialization, nano-industry, nano-modified additives, basalt-and-plastic reinforcement, nano-particles, nanostructural film

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