Motivation of military personnel of air defense forces performing combat duties for physical education and sports activities

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This article presents data characterizing the featuresof the motivation of Air Defense Forces military personnel of both sexes performing combat dutiesto physical education and sports activities. According to the specialists, motives and requirements are the leading factor, which ensuresthe effective performance of any professional activity. In this connection the motives, which predetermine the solution ofcombat tasksof military personnel at a high levelproviding air defense have been considered in this article. As a result of the survey the respondents identified 10 main factors of motivation to physical education and sports activities: good for health, good body type, better efficiency for self-defense, strengthening of character and will to be able to protect family and friends, harmonious development, to be like..., promotion of mobilization, interest and usefulness. The obtained results allowed to distribute motives in groups according to their level of formation (high, above average, average, below average, low)...


Motivation, physical education and sports activity, militarypersonnel of air defense forces

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