Monitoring the state and prospects of development of the industrial market segment and the production sector of the national economy

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The production sectors and markets of the dairy and grape-wine sectors are of great strategic importance not only for the sustainable and balanced functioning of the entire consumer segment, but also for ensuring the food and national security of our country at the proper level. At the beginning of the study, an analysis of the development of domestic dairy production in historical retrospect was carried out. Further, a multifactorial assessment of the main problems and risk situations inherent in modern dairy production was carried out. In particular, it was found that today one of the key constraining factors for the sustainable development of dairy cattle breeding in the Russian Federation is the lack of a clear organization and effective work in the field of reproductive and breeding farming. They also identified internal reasons that hinder the development of domestic dairy farming and identified strategic directions in the context of the organization of high-tech enterprises in the field of dairy cattle breeding. Further, the assessment of the milk and dairy products market itself was carried out (the dynamics of production and consumption, the balance of imports and exports, the level of self-sufficiency, prices, main producers, the structure of production by categories of farms). In addition, the issue related to the loss of milk in the areas of production and consumption was worked out. The key factors that will influence the development of the domestic industry market in the short term are identified. The assessment of the world market of milk and dairy products (production volumes, consumption, market leaders, strategic goals, tasks and development scenarios in the long term) was carried out. The monitoring of the grape and wine sector included the following estimated parameters (the volume of grape harvest, the area of vineyard planting, sales of wine products, the main problems and factors constraining sustainable development). In particular, special attention was paid to the problem of illegal use of imported wine material. In conclusion, a set of state initiative solutions was proposed in order to give a stable trend to the development of the domestic wine industry.


Dairy production, milk market, grape-wine sector, problems and risks, trends and prospects

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IDR: 140261162   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-320-335

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