Monitoring and information support of the strategy of socio-economic development of the region: methodological approaches and solutions

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A long-term socio-economic development strategy is the basis of effective work of executive authorities and evaluation of its performance efficiency in general. The successful implementation of strategic program depends not only on its quality but also on chosen implementation mechanisms and particularly on the development of an appropriate monitoring system. It’s the monitoring system that within constantly changing conditions of the external environment allows to control the implementation of a strategy and to make well-timed adjustments if necessary which secures functioning and flexibility of strategic program. T hat requires the development of methodological approaches to the creation of monitoring system within the strategic management of regional development. The author substantiates the monitoring function - anticipation, timely signal to respond to changing conditions and the progress of the plan and ensure a continuous cyclical nature of strategic management, which does not end with the development of monitoring and evaluation system, and continues with “adjustment.” The paper introduces an analysis of challenges that appear at implementation of monitoring of regional strategic development, methodological approaches to the creation of monitoring system and a conceptual framework of data support for the monitoring.


Socio-economic development strategy of a region, strategic development monitoring system, monitoring data support, regional information analysis system

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IDR: 149131154   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.12

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