Youth tourism as social tourism segment in the Russian region: theory and practice

Автор: Lyudmila I. Donskova, Aleksandr G. Redkin, Olga V. Otto, Andrey A. Makarov, Evgenia V. Myagkova

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Youth tourism considers being a segment of social tourism and a part of domestic tourism, characterized by socio-economic characteristics and regional peculiarities. The main concept of social tourism and its realizing takes into account both Russian factors and conditions and regional characteristics, as well as the principal motivation of youth tourism. The purpose of this research is to identify the general and special concepts and its organization on social tourism in the youth segment, as well as features associated with regional factors of its development in the future. Techniques or methodology of scientific work includes (abstract-logical analysis and synthesis), economic-statistical methods, sociologi-cal methods: survey questionnaires. According to the results of the study scientific approach to the studying of social tourism is also used, in the youth segment, which takes into account the specific features and territorial factors, as well as the main motives of the young population. The results of an empirical studying of youth tourism characterize the main purposes of the trip, preferences in choosing travel programs and tourist centres, all of them are connected with regional factors of social tourism in the youth segment. The results of the research in the sphere of youth tourism are valuable and can be applied: in future research in the methodology formation of youth tourism research, taking into account the socio-logical, Economic and socio-cultural approaches. These approaches include not only social and economic issues, but also take into account human needs and preferences in social groups; besides tourism providers must adapt their travel prod-ucts to the needs and requirements of tourists, taking into account preferences of representatives of youth groups.


Social tourism concept, social initiative, social groups of the population, the youth segment, social policies, conditions and factors, motivation and preference

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IDR: 140244441   |   DOI: 10.24411/2413-693X-2019-10302

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