Molkov Alfred Vladislavovich - the founder of the national health education

Автор: Skoblina Natalia Aleksandrovna, Besstrashnaya Nina Andreevna

Журнал: Вопросы школьной и университетской медицины и здоровья @school-shealth

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Alfred Vladislavovich Molkov - the largest hygienist, health organizer. His name is inextricably linked to the history of the domestic hygiene of children and adolescents. Molkov spent a lot of time to survey of schools and students’ health. He proposed a methodology of uniform collecting statistical data, drawn up rules for recording observations of students’ health and the instruction for performing regular checkups in rural schools. His extensive practical experience of rural and sanitary doctor he gave to the construction of the Soviet health educational work at that time. The professor of social hygiene in the 2 nd Moscow State University, he first incorporated in the curriculum a course on school health, which he read himself. The role of A.V. Molkova in school health development is enormous and is recognized by all. He created a special scientific discipline - hygiene of children and adolescents and scientific school of hygienists of childhood. Fundamentals of School Health, its objectives, the program and the volume of scientific and practical activities set out in A.V. Molkov’s textbook "School health". Professor A.V. Molkov led the first mass social-hygienic study of physical development and health of children of the USSR. Molkov successfully combined research and teaching with social activity entered the history of medicine and public health as a talented organizer and expert in health education: he published 230 scientific papers on various aspects of social and school health.


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