Sociopolitical models in dispute. The case of Huawei’s Comercial ban

Автор: Juan Pablo López Alurralde, Gastón Becerra

Журнал: Revista Científica Arbitrada de la Fundación MenteClara @fundacionmenteclara

Статья в выпуске: 2, Vol. 4, 2019 года.

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It cannot be clearly established how digital development will shape the economic and social relations of the interconnected world, especially in view of the imminent revolution coupled with the emergence of 5G networks and IoT. What is clear is that the values and pillars under which they are grounded are in open discussion and dispute. In this brief communication, taking the current commercial and technological confrontation between the United States and Huawei as a starting point, we will try to identify two confronted sociopolitical models that resolve in their own way the axis of relationships between individuals, governments and tech companies. In particular, it will delve into the recognition of two different scenarios. On the one hand, the West, where large companies such as Google and Facebook are systematically questioned by civil, judicial and political spheres, while they deal with important accusations of unfair competition and manipulation of private data; and, on the other hand, China, where the authorities “protect” their 800 million Internet users for the exploitation of a few companies in what can be understood as a dangerous model of vertical integration.


Digital innovation, sociopolitical models, interenet of things

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IDR: 170163667   |   DOI: 10.32351/rca.v4.2.105

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