Modeling of formation of carbon cluster groups in electric arc discharge plasma

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The problem of modeling complex resource-intensive processes of plasma synthesis of carbon nanostructures (CNS) on the basis of mathematical and numerical methods of solution, focused on the use of parallel and distributed computing for processing large amounts of data, allowing to investigate the relationship and characteristics of processes to obtain an effective, cost-effective method of synthesis of CNS (fullerenes, nanotubes), is an actual theoretical and practical problem. This article deals with the problem of mathematical modeling of motion and interaction of charged particles in a multicomponent plasma based on the Boltzmann equation for the synthesis of ONS by thermal sublimation of graphite. The derivation of the collision integral is presented allowing to perform a numerical solution of the Boltzmann - Maxwell equations system with respect to the arc synthesis of CNS. The high order of particles and the number of their interactions involved simultaneously in the process of synthesis of CNS requires significant costs of machine resources and time to perform numerical calculations on the constructed model...


Carbon nanostructures, plasma, boltzmann equation, carbon clusters, numerical solution

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IDR: 140238549   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-108-113

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