Multilevel structure of state budgetary security provision

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The financial basis for sustainable social and economic development of the state is largely determined by the state of its budgetary system, which actualizes research in the area of state budgetary security. Of particular interest, in our opinion, is the consideration of the budgetary security of the country as a system. Based on the structure of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation, we proposed a multi-level structure for ensuring budgetary security of the state. The system of budgetary security of the state includes three levels: macrolevel, meso level and microlevel. At each level, the system of budgetary security is formed by the following major subsystems: regulatory and legal support and regulation of budgetary security; the subject of budgetary security management; object of budgetary security management; Assessment of the state and results of budget security. The system of budgetary security is open and carries out constant interaction with the external environment...


Budgetary security, budgetary security system

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IDR: 140238594   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-382-387

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