Mikhail Nikiforovich Katkov as a guardian of russian traditional origins

Автор: Igor Borisovich Gavrilov

Журнал: Русско-Византийский вестник @russian-byzantine-herald

Рубрика: Памятные даты России

Статья в выпуске: 1 (2), 2019 года.

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The article is dedicated to the preservation of Russian origins in the works of a public figure, thinker, publisher and publicist Mikhail Nikiforovich Katkov (1818–1887), whose 200th anniversary of birth was celebrated in 2018. It is shown, that consecutive protection of the interests of the church, the state and the Russian nation was the basic of his religious and philosophical worldview as a thinker and practical activity, as a enlightener. The main attention is paid to the disclosure of Katkov’s conservative worldview as the editor of the magazine «The Russian Messenger» (1856–1887) and the newspaper «Moscow News» (1863–1887). Particularly, there was a review and brief analysis of publications devote to the protection and research of the Orthodox Church. It noted that in his author’s journalism and editorial work M. N. Katkov sought to illuminate the religious life of the Russian people as widely as possible, contributing to the awakening of interest in church and spiritual and moral issues in Russian society. Also in the context of the study of the political philosophy of the thinker is being considered his understanding of the figure of the Orthodox monarch as a keeper and guardian of the Orthodox Church.


M. N. Katkov, Orthodoxy, defense of Orthodoxy, Orthodox Church, Сonservatism, Russian religious philosophy, Russian classical literature, antinihilistic novel, «Russian Messenger», «Moscow News», Old Belief, split, religious tolerance, Church and State, monarchy, autocracy, «Russian origins»


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IDR: 140240261   |   DOI: 10.24411/2588-0276-2019-10013

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