Methods of training of the future teachers of computer science to multimedia and network technologies

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Introduction. In article methods of training of the future teachers of com-puter science to network technologies are considered, the basic accent becomes on working out of essentially new technique in which basis the modular principle lays. Materials and methods. The differentiated approach allows to find and reveal weak links in structure of knowledge of the trainee and by means of deeper and detailed consideration of these links to eliminate similar lacks. Thus, by means of repeated mastering of the passed material and the subsequent testing of knowledge, skills of the trainee qualitatively new result is reached and professionalism in the course of prepa-ration of the future teachers of computer science is provided. Results. Local and global networks play a huge role, both in a daily life, and in an ed-ucation system as every day the question of remote formation and electronic services gets exclusive importance. Scientific novelty of article consists that on the first place on the importance the problem of working out of an effective technique of use of net-works for the organization of teaching and educational work and training to this tech-nique of the future teachers of computer science is taken out.


A technique of training to computer science, local and global networks, a modularity principle, the differentiated approach, network technologies, multimedia technologies, rating

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IDR: 149135721   |   DOI: 10.17748/2219-6048-2021-13-4-124-137

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