Procedure for conducting and simulating drop test modes for reentry vehicle of crew transportation spacecraft

Автор: Voronin Vitaliy Viktorovich, Krutov Sergey Aleksandrovich, Reshetnikov Mikhail Nikolaevich

Журнал: Космическая техника и технологии @ktt-energia

Рубрика: Контроль и испытание летательных аппаратов и их систем

Статья в выпуске: 2 (21), 2018 года.

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The paper discusses issues involved in conducting drop tests and developing a math model of landing the reentry vehicle of the crew transportation spacecraft, general information about the concept of constructing the spacecraft landing equipment, the purpose and role of drop tests within the overall program of developmental testing of the spacecraft, it presents a procedure for conducting drop tests on the mockup of the reentry vehicle, defines preliminary modes for conducting tests under nominal conditions and design off-nominal conditions, provides a description, structure and a model for analyzing the dynamics of landing of the reentry vehicle on the landing pads, describes force factors acting in a landing pad, provides characteristics of landing soils and force characteristic of the extendable support. The dynamics model of the landing process was developed in a specialized system for virtual simulation of mechanical processes MSC Adams. Vertical and horizontal linear accelerations at the center of mass of the return vehicle during landing on firm soil were determined for various cases of nominal and contingency landings.


Drop tests of the reentry vehicle mockup, math model of the reentry vehicle landing

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IDR: 143166671

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