Preparation methodology of senior high school students for passing the standards of the "Ready for the labour and defence" complex using the means of beach volleyball

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The article presents the results of the undertaken research concerning the development and estimation of the preparation methodology efficiency of 16-17-year-old youth for passing the control standards of stage V of All- Russian physical-sports complex «Ready for Labour and Defence» (RLD). The article describes the structure and the content of the seven-part preparation methodology starting from the determination of the result level of the execution of control testing, discovering the most problematic standards, choosing the means of beach volleyball for the development of the «lagging» physical qualities and motor abilities, the development and implementation of the plan of 2-months - trainings ending with the estimation of the final learning level of testing procedures. The main part of the 48-hour-plan of practicing beach volleyball is dedicated to the three system-forming kinds of training (general physical, special physical and game training) which take two third of all the training time...


Senior high school students, rld complex, preparation methodology, control standards, beach volleyball

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